Top 10 Batteries

Find the best solar or backup battery for your home or business


Pros:  Popular due to modern design and the brand recognition of Tesla.

Cons:  The warranty allows for up to 40% loss of capacity after just 5 years.

Verdict:  A beautiful, stylish battery that has made residential battery storage mainstream... but critics have been quick to point out that lithium batteries are not ideally suited for homes due to the loss of capacity over time, especially when cycled deeply.


Pros:  Highly reliable, fully recyclable, long-life design using state-of-the-art deep cycle zinc flow technology.

Cons:  The home variant ZCell is not yet for sale but will be released in Q3 2016. Click here to get notified.

Verdict:  RedFlow is bringing their advanced zinc flow technology to the home and small business market. Despite its technological advantages, the cost per warranted kWh is likely to be lower than other batteries in this list.
This safe, high capacity battery almost made it to spot 1, if it were available now.


Pros:  Long-life lithium-ion battery from a reliable german manufacturer.

Cons:  Very low depth of discharge.

Verdict:  Bosch enters the market with its range of batteries. Unfortunately, the storage capacity is rather limited as you can only discharge up to 50% of the battery. The upside of this limitation is that the battery life is significantly extended.


Pros:  A premium product by one of the worlds most respected brands.

Cons:  Not much information available yet.

Verdict:  It is likely that this battery will be priced higher than other batteries listed here.


Pros:  Compact lithium ion batteries that seamlessly integrate with leading solar charge controllers and inverters.

Cons:  Limited depth of discharge.

Verdict:  The offering of multiple sizes may appeal to those wanting to buy a single, larger battery rather than connecting multiple smaller modules.


Pros:  Lithium ion battery with intelligent controls to ensure long life.

Cons:  Newer battery technologies, in this list, offer longer life.

Verdict:  A reliable battery using proven lithium ion chemistry.


Pros:  Lithium battery with advanced features such as a Touch Control Panel and Wireless Remote Control.

Cons:  The website lacks important information about the battery, such as capacity, power and estimated life.

Verdict:  Until more information is available on the website, this battery is likely only going to appeal to existing Trina Solar customers with access to detailed information. The battery is nonetheless listed here due to the positive worldwide reputation of Trina.


Pros:  Safe lithium iron magnesium phosphate batteries in standard BCI lead-acid module sizes.

Cons:  Requires customized design and installation.

Verdict:  A promising new technology that offers advantages over traditional lithium ion batteries.


Pros:  Long-life lead and sulfuric acid battery.

Cons:  Less environmentally friendly than other options in this list.

Verdict:  A reliable battery at a competitive price.


Pros:  A unique saltwater electrolyte battery, using abundant, nontoxic materials.

Cons:  Very low energy density results in a rather large battery, being the main reason for it only making spot 10 in this list.

Verdict:  A sustainable and cheap technology, for those that have space for these super-sized batteries.

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